In this full-length dance theatre show, Delia Brett and Daelik of Vancouver’s MACHiNENOiSY Dance choreographed hilarious and moving scenarios based on Wild West Shows that made mega-stars out of transgressive personalities like cross-dressing sharp-shooter Calamity Jane and the outlaw Wild Bill Hickok. Premiered July, 2013.

As Bamboozled! has no set, Diane Park’s costumes had to create the whole circus-like world from which these characters arose. The 7 performers change costumes continually on stage through the show into more than 50 different outfits. Diane sourced many pieces from thrift stores, then designed and constructed pieces to fill in the gaps in characters who had been “found” during the creation process. 

Bevin Poole’s “Starlet” ALWAYS needs her demented balletic movements to be in the limelight, in her gold bodysuit with magenta detail, reminiscent of an old-fashioned swimsuit or ballet leotard. The Master of Ceremonies (Alex Ferguson) is a nod to fantastically transgressive stars like Elton John and Bootsy Collins who pushed the boundaries of showmanship and sexuality in the 1970’s as Vaudeville and Wild West shows had 100 years before. The moving finale of the work features Delia Brett as the Painted Lady, for whom Diane sculpted a “wig” from 50 metres of rope that covers this pathetic character’s head and face while she is bound by her fellow performers and left to struggle alone on stage as the lights dim.