Diane Park is a Vancouver-based multi-disciplinary artist, creating through the media of costume, photography, video and dance, and collaborating with artists across disciplines. Her costume creations have won Wearable Art awards and featured in performances of new music (Nicole Lizée, Nu:BC, Astrolabe Musik, Little Chamber Music), dance (Action At A Distance, MACHiNENOiSY, Ziyian Kwan, Peter Bingham, Julie Lebel), film (John Bolton), theatre (UBC), stilt performance (2010 Olympics, Vancouver international Children’s Festival) and gallery shows (Art4Life). 

Diane is committed to building community through art: she is an Artist in Residence at Vancouver’s Mountain View Cemetery, has held Artistic Residencies at the Roundhouse (Yarn Around) and Falaise Park Fieldhouse. She was Interim Head of Wardrobe at the University of British Columbia’s Theatre and Film Department for 2016/17. She has studied Film Production (Vancouver Film School), Communications (McGill University), Art History and Classics (University of Alberta) and yoga.  

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