Psycho Dress

Commissioned by world-renowned Montreal composer, dj, and video artist Nicole Lizee, Diane Park’s Psycho Dress debuted in Toronto in January, 2014, at CINERAMA, the premiere performance of Nicole’s piano etudes based on Hitchcock’s classic horror film.  

The design walks a fine line between costume and fashion. The dress’s shape is a ladylike late 1950’s sheath, flattering to Nicole’s figure as it was to Hitchcock’s heroines. Diane chose a grey wool reminiscent of those heroines’ suits and dresses, but also because this fabric has a vertical texture similar to the grain of film that’s been run through projectors for years.  

Psycho’s animated title sequence by Saul Bass is represented on the dress by black ribbons that move disjointedly out from the waistline. These ribbons and the zipper (used as a design element) are 35 millimeters wide, the size of motion picture film. The movie’s famous shower scene is represented  in the front cut out detail and two appliqued details in the shape of the killer’s knife, as well as in the removable “shower curtain cape”, attached with actual shower curtain rings.